Thoughts on Gutenberg – Use Stackable

Thoughts on Gutenberg – Use Stackable

written by: Justin Gedge – Wednesday 2 May 2018

I’ve now successfully used the Guttenberg plugin for building my site up.  I used the Okab WordPress theme and utilized Gutenberg instead of WP Bakery, the default page builder.  Overall, I’m happy with the look and feel of my site.  I better understand how to use Gutenberg.  I’m also living a little wild utilizing a system that isn’t entirely qualified for a production site, but I can take measures to minimize the impact as I carefully watch upgrades over the next few months.

My first recommendation to anyone using Gutenberg is to also add in Stackable – Ultimate Gutenberg Blocks.

With Stackable, you get better-looking buttons than what comes with the default Gutenberg plugin.  You also get spacers, which are helpful in fixing those cases where blocks are just too close together.  I wish there were more control over the buttons, like the ability to have them stretch out the full width of a column to keep consistent width, but what is available through Stackable is still an excellent improvement over the default.  For a comparison, check out the default used on my Services page compared with the Stackable buttons on the SEO Services page.

Overall, I’m liking Gutenberg.  It’s really light weight compared to the full featured page builders.  The features available are still limited compared to existing page builders.  Columns support is lacking… but well under development.  I would still be hesitant to use Gutenberg on a client site, but willing to risk the unknowns on my own small projects and sites as it continues to improve.