SEO Glossary / Terms / Dictionary

For those of you that are new to SEO and Digital Marketing, We’ve put together a glossary or dictionary of SEO terms to help you out.  A short summary for a term is given on this page.  If you see a link, click on it to get a more detailed article.  We will continue to update this so that even a veteran of SEO may find value in this as it continues to fill out.

DA – Domain Authority

DNS – Domain Name Services

EMD – Exact Match Domain.

PMD – Partial Match Domain

NAP – Name, Address, Phone.  NAP is an acronym for your contact information.  Disconnects in NAP show confusion and remove credibility with search algorithms.  NAP is especially important with Local SEO.

PA – Page Authority

Page Rank – is one of the early algorithms used by Google for determining SERP.  While current search algorithms have evolved, many of the core concepts presented in page rank still apply to SEO today.

SERP – Search Engine Rank Placement – is where a property ranks for a given search term in a search engine.

SSL – Secure Sockets Layer – is the technology that provides secure transactions and data transfer between the web server and the user’s browser.  When a website has SSL certs installed the URL will start with https:// instead of http://.

TF – Trust Flow

URL – Universal Resource Locator.

UTM Parameters – Urchin Tracking Module Parameters.  5 UTM parameters can be passed to a URL.  These help in tracking and correlating the source of web traffic with marketing campaigns.