SEO Services

SEO Services

Fire Media Lab was founded as a digital marketing agency focused on SEO.  Over time, we’ve added other services, but SEO is or core service.  At this time, our SEO specialties are as follows:

We work with doctors and other medical professionals.  Medical SEO requires additional attention that some agencies don’t want to be concerned with and others may not be aware of.

Before starting Fire Media Lab, the founder worked in Semiconductors and ran CAD/EDA tools.  It’s a rare niche market, but if you have an EDA product you need to promote, we understand this niche market.

We love working with small to medium sized local businesses to help them gain visibility and connect with their community.

Additional SEO Resources

If you’re new to SEO, please read the article What Is SEO, Reasons to Do SEO as well as How We Approach SEO.