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Our ideal client is the small to medium-sized business trying to break into the next level with SEO. Some companies, however, seek us out early, long before SEO is in their budget while others find us several years after opening and need adjustments to their web presence before SEO should start.  Whether you need an existing website to be overhauled or a new site from scratch, we can help.

We Use WordPress

With all of the platforms and technologies out there it can be difficult to know which systems to use.  For most of our clients, WordPress is a good fit. At the moment, WordPress has a significant market share. Being an Open Source project, no single person owns it. Instead, it has a robust community of developers and users helping push it into the future. As websites and businesses have new requirements to stay relevant online, WordPress continues to evolve to fill these needs with minimal effort.

Advantages of WordPress for Small Business

  • Lots of features easilly avaiable with tons and tons of plugins to extend
  • Numerous themes to easilly support different look and feel for different businesses
  • Widely Used – lots of hosting providers, lots of WordPress site developers
  • Robust Open Source Community
  • Flexible Architecture Makes it easy for new features to be added

With WordPress being a community, open source project, there are continual improvements guided by masses of engaged website owners and developers.  Many features that previously took days of development are now available with existing plugins.  With an extensive collection of themes and plugins, it is easier to get a website up and running now than ever before.

Another advantage of using WordPress is that you are NOT locked into a web hosting company.  WIX, Shopify, Etsy, ClickBank, Four Square… all decent platforms, but they own your site.  If something changes, like customer service or pricing, you’re at their mercy.  I see cases all the time where these services are appropriate for a stage of business, but the risk remains that you wake up to a new “terms of service” agreement, new price or lousy customer service.  

Will WordPress be perfect?  Maybe, Maybe not, but there are a large number of agencies and freelance developers that are fluent with WordPress site development.  There is also an extensive collection of companies that host WordPress site like GoDaddy, RackSpace, SiteGround, On Site WP.  With a broad group of web developers, and hosting companies, you get competitive pricing and services.

What If We’re Not Using WordPress?

We prefer to use WordPress, but there are cases where it’s just not the right fit for some web services or sites.  Fortunately, SEO work is NOT limited to WordPress. We may have to refer you to one of our partners if your web design needs fall on another platform, but we can still help with promoting your business to the next level.

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