Fire is a symbol of transformation! At Fire Media Lab, we enjoy working with our clients to transform their business by increasing visibility online. If you have a business or online campaign that needs visibility, please fill out the client discovery form and we’ll figure out together if there is a good fit.

SEO / Page 

At Fire Media Lab, we focus on increasing our clients’ visibility through SEO [Search Engine Optimization]. When your website ranks in search engines for keywords specific to your industry or services, you will have customers seeking you out rather than having you look for customers.

Other Services

While SEO and page ranking are our core business, we continually look to see what is changing and what other methods are becoming available to see how they may benefit our clients. Whether you need to increase the visibility of an existing web page or need help building a new site, we will work with you to determine how to best move forward.

We Are Based Out of Arizona

Fire Media Lab is based in Chandler AZ [part of the greater Phoenix metropolitan area]. We love supporting local businesses and improving the community we live in. We love helping businesses in our local community connect with the individuals who need their services. We like it when our community runs more efficiently as people can quickly find the services they’re looking for. That said, we’re open to helping those outside the area as well… we may not be able to meet in person as often, though.


Looking Forward

We look forward to working with you to transform your business!!!  Please fill out the Client Discovery Form and we will put together an initial report on how to best proceed.