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Social Media Marketing

At Fire Media Lab we work with our clients to help increase their digital footprint. We help our clients increase brand awareness online. At the end of the day, a business needs traffic. It needs customers. A business needs to be doing business. This is where Social Media Marketing can come in. We love SEO work. SEO is a great long term strategy because you will harness web traffic from potential clients simply running over to Google or Bing and entering search requests. This can take anywhere from 6 – 18 months to achieve though.

What? – You didn’t want to wait a whole year to see results? Well, this is where Social Media Marketing may be able to step in and help. With social sites such as facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn or even Google PPC [Pay per Click] traffic and awareness can be given a nice kick start.

Again- at Fire Media Lab, we have a passion for SEO because the investment will keep traffic coming in long after the investment.  We don’t need to wait for search engine ranking to see traffic.   We can run some advertising campaigns with social media to leverage short-term results. The other thing, some businesses just lend themselves to Social Media more than SEO. We manage these cases as well.

Interested In More Traffic?

Interested in increasing your digital footprint, increasing traffic to your business?  Fill out the client discover form or give us a call. We will run a free evaluation of your online presence and the state of your website. Within a few days, we will come back with a report with recommendations on how to proceed.  We will work hard to provide results.  The results are different with SMM and SEO, but we will work to achieve results with both.  If you are not satisfied with the services provided, you can cancel at any time. We hate long term contracts and don’t expect that of our clients either.



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