It’s Over? Really, Can You Promise You’ll Stop Spamming Me

It’s Over? Really, Can You Promise You’ll Stop Spamming Me

Is it just me, or is everyone else getting these emails with the following subject lines:

  • This is goodbye – 1 hour left
  • It’s OVER
  • [Important] Account disablement notice

I know- I’m in digital marketing… I’m supposed to be keeping up with the latest trends in marketing… but threatening to take me off your email list because I haven’t responded to your weekly and daily requests to purchase stuff I don’t need right now.  Really.  I’m kind of thinking Please do.  Especially if you’re going to be that way about it.

No such luck.  A day later another email will come through explaining that there must have been a mistake and that my account has been restored.  Really.  …and I was hoping you were going to take me off the list.

Anyways- A bit of advice from someone who seems to get a bunch of SPAM.  If I’m not responding to your requests for me to buy stuff… you might consider providing something I find valuable.  Threatening to take me off your list isn’t really a threat.  I’m kind of annoyed when you make the threat and then don’t have the balls to go through and actually remove me from your list!!!  Your email list and your business start to appear cheap when you make empty threats.  Your business starts to appear more like a game show rather than a legitimate business… and if that’s how you choose to present yourself and your business… well enjoy.  I’m not amused.

Also- if it had just been one email marketer threatening to remove me from their account that would have been one thing.  The fact that it comes flooding in from many of them over one week.  Reminds me of an old song by The Cure. Jumping Someone Else’s Train.